Who We Are

Techwalkers was founded in January 2008 by Nicholas I. Initially we offered web services to our clients. Since 2013 we have been providing complete tech solutions for our clients.

We are IT-Professionals with office located in K R Puram, Bangalore. We will be expanding with branch offices in south India in the upcoming years.

What we do

1. At Techwalkers Lab we innovate new useful tehnologies and constantly work to improve all our applications' effectiveness and efficiency.

2. We study, create and develop applications based on the current technologies and help people and their businesses to stay in tune with the new technologies.

Techwalkers for Business

At Techwalkers we offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business and we are innovating technologies that can help our clients with Return on Investment.

Techwalkers for Social Change

Techwalkers provides technology for the social change in the city by studying, understanding and educating through possible channels. People who can change the world (PWCCW) is our first initiative.

Techwalkers for Health Care

Techwalkers currently working on a Helath care technolgy called "Instant - Your Personal Health Guide". It is a application that stores and manages the patient medical history.